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The company is undergoing a process of internationalization, towards the European and Moroccan market. Opening up new growth markets, such as aeronautics, help diversify our portfolio and stabilize production. The team of qualified professionals available to us, can cover larger projects and more value added. Our know-how allows us to compete professionally, before the major European economies. The expansion project aims to bring stability to the company, consolidating its bases in Galicia and creating new ties for the rest of EU countries and North Africa.

Operation co-funded by the European Union
Galicia ESF Operational Programme 2014-2020
Hiring managers internationalization: (IG166.2016)

To support the internationalization process of the company, Tecnogap S.L has the support granted by IGAPE for hiring a manager, under the Call 2016 helps IGAPE for hiring managers internationalization, cofinanced by the European Social Fund under the ESF Operational Programme Galicia 2014-2020 and included in the Thematic Objective 08 get training in quality employment.

European Social Fund, ESF invests in your future.

These grants are intended to facilitate the acquisition of skills in internationalization through practices in companies while that supports Galician SMEs in their internationalization process. The intended result is that professionals remain employed after participating in the program in the same company or other thanks to the practical experience received.

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